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Hi, I am new to the forum and I am trying to find out the name of a plant that I have.

The only way I can describe it is, it has flowers that open and close when the sun is out. Could they be osteuspermum?

Sounds like gazanias to me - have a google and see if they match what you have
Could be osteospurmum too, but there are a few flowers that match, what coluor is ut?

It's likely to be African daisies.  Otherwise known as Osteospermum and because they're the most common.

They come as perennials and annuals.


But there's plenty of other flowers do that and without a photo or description it's hard to do anything other than take a guess.




mesembryanthemum ?


These plants are mixed colours, they are so very colourful.

Pete thats what i was trying to think of, was driving me nuts!

Not,osteospermums......mine, and I grow several varieties, stay open in,cloud or sun.

Without picture it is likely to be mesembryanthemum or gazania that do open in sunshine.

Ian, what colour?  Spreading habit or clump/rosette type?  Do the leaves have a scent?  Leaves rough?  


It seems that I am setting you all a task. These flowers came from a packet of Miracle Gro flower magic, it lists some varieties but not all. They are daisy like.

Beaus Mum

Bet they are livingstone daisies, fleshy stems and bold bright coloured daisies Ian?

I will try and send a picture to see if the puzzle can be solved.

Beaus Mum

Edd is your profile pic of watering can water feature you have created? Really love it and intrigued how it works 

I am not able to upload any pics at the moment.

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