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Well done Geranium Rozanne. A plant I have always liked and well deserved to be Plant of the Centenary.


Are you an insider Sir Tid - i thought the results weren't announced til tomorrow?

No chicky, it was announced on the BBC Chelsea programme earlier this evening. Did you vote for one?


Before Mr Russell developed his lupins they were not very impressive, look at them now!

I grow both geraniums and lupins, I have had requests for lupin plants and seed, never geraniums!

I think it is about the"best football team ever" syndrome picked by teenagers, they only pick from the current and last years players and because they are the only ones entering their teams win!


non-event of the centenary I reckon



At least all the nominations have stood the test of time and proved themselves to be good at what they do. Not convinced some of the more recent choices will still be around in many years time.. well not my perrenial foxglove at least which went into the compost bin today well the dead remains of it anyway.

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