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I love a good rummage in the bargain bins. I come away with plants I never knew I wanted or needed. Sometimes I buy them just because I feel sorry for them with no one to nurse them back to health and end up giving them away as I just don't have space for them. End of season bulbs are always a must buy. buy for pennies and popped into my borders and wait until the next year to see what comes up.

Beaus Mum

You have well good finds in your rummages Sussex sun 

drool away rose mummy  I keep promising myself a visit to David austins but too near the in laws 

Victoria Sponge

Not sure if this is the current 'What've you bought?🤔' thread but resurrecting to show my latest plant delivery, ordered over winter:

Letting them explore the garden tonight but will cut back a bit and repot forthwith

Beaus Mum

Looks a great hoard Victoria 

what are they please? 

Victoria Sponge

The trove contains helenium, helianthus, heliopsis, aster, centaurea and a few bits and bobs like eryngium and kniphofia Oh and the white cirsium mount etna.

I think I'll grow some of them on in pots for a bit.


Beaus Mum

Ooooo lovely lovely 


Yes I have just ordered a Clematis 'Fujimusume'

£11.75 very pretty. 

"The purest, clearest 'true blue' clematis there is, its glorious flowers have contrasting pale yellow stamens. A very compact, free-flowering climber, perfect for pots and an extremely good candidate for a north wall. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.


Isn't it just. What a colour . I will do my best not to kill it.

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