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may I please seek advice about which bulbs I can plant for the plant troughs I now have on my bedroom windowsill? I like only white flowers.  So I am thinking in terms of snowdrops, or crocus perhaps or even hyancinth  ?  looking for ideas & tips on planting soil, etc πŸ€” 

 thankyou 😊 

Tads πŸ€” 


i would grow white hyacinths there. You're a little late to buy the prepared bulbs which are especially for growing indoors, but you may still find some. 

oh dear, just looked online, think I’m too late this year, better buy some ready grown when they come in. At least I will know for next year, to buy & plant August/September.  thanks for responding 😊 “merry Christmas”πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ» 


Kitty 2

Snowdrops are best "planted in the green", ie dug up and replanted after flowering.  Not sure that they would grow well indoors either .

I'd go with hyacinths as Dove suggests, highly scented, I love them on a windowsil.

Dove, would mini narcissus like paperwhites work indoors? Or would it be too warm?


Paper whites are only for indoors, but do you know what they smell like😱

I bought them only once for my daughter my mum and myself, we all had to put them outside when they flowered.  Or is that just my familyπŸ˜€

i think indoor  bulbs have to be kept in the cold and dark for a while even if they are ‘prepared’, before being brought into the light, I don’t think you just plant them on a window sill in the first place. 

Or have they gone off that Idea now, methods do change. 

Some white pelagoniums would be good in the troughs, they will flower all year. Bulbs flower for just a couple of weeks indoors.  You could put three or four in each trough. 



White flowered Kalanchoe  You could sit them in their pots inside the troughs..

Kitty 2

Thanks for the smelly heads up Lyn, never grown them myself (is it that nasty cat pee stink some plants have?).

I always did the cold and dark thing with hyacinth bulbs, usually kept in the cupboard under the kitchen sink at my mums 😁.  Got lazy now I'm a grown up and buy the ready made pots with the green noses poking through .

As you say times and trends change. I saw some crocus bulbs with mini glass hyacinth vases being sold in the local supermarket. That's a new one on me .


The prepared hyacinths can be placed straight on the windowsill, mine are already coming up after purchasing in September. Think you will be too late for those now though & have to emulate 


Hi Kitty, I think it’s more like a dog poo smell. Whatever it was we all had to put them outside, they don’t grow again if you put them in the garden , so complete waste of money, for us. Others may like them. Seems they don’t do the cold dark for the bulbs anymore, I suppose that was only for Christmas flowering. 

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Some people love the smell of paperwhites ... some people hate it. 

I think it's like the asparagus in your pee thing, some people can smell it, some people can't.  

Kitty 2

Hmm...interesting.  My inquisitive nature is making me want to get some now to see how stinky they are .


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