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Hi I am quite new to gardening, but really enjoying it.

Could  someone please tell me when it is safe to plant out the following plants , Erysimum (fragrant Sunshine) / Marguerite / Osteospermum / Gerainuims.

I would appreciate any advice given thank you.

This time of year depends on last frost date-location -types of plants

Never be in a mad hurry-you gain nothing- the night time temperatures are still low -anything tender hold back for at least 2/3 weeks

Off you list -only erysimum is completely hardy

Keep the rest with some protection-greenhouse or cold frame if you have one.

Lazy Gardener thank you for that i will now hold back planting anything out for 2/3 weeks , thanks for your help as i am completely new to the gardening side of things but really enjoying it so much.

Hi Benno, I'm new to gardening too and like yourself I'm really enjoying This pastime

Im planting out my seedlings in a few weeks when the night temps climb up. Good luck with yours.


You don't have to hold back on planting the erysimum, as lazy gardener said, it is hardy.

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