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Hi there,

By the marina in Torquay, agapanthus have been flowering since mid December! last week we cut our lawn and weeded all the borders.


I'm in Torquay and i still have a passion flower in flower, and Daisy's happily popping their heads up on a lawn that's looks like it needs cutting??

Clare Price

My perennial geraniums have been flowering for at least a month but my passion flower still has flower buds on them from last year can't wait for it to flower.

An espallier camelia on a trellis in sunny (sic) Manchester showed its first colour on New Year's Day & it is now full of blooms despite frosts since then.

I planted some lovely double young hellebore orientalis last year; some started flowering in August & they are still giving a grand show.



January27th and my roses are still blooming.  This is Queen Elizabeth, a very tall

, large flowered rose.


I live in the East Midlands (cold in the winter - hot in the summer...well that's what folk reckon anyway) but I have marigolds in flower and my snowdrops and some crocus are in flower.  I just dread to think how many bugs will survive.  In the autumn we had lots more ladybirds than I had ever seen in the garden, but this week I have seen midges in flight, and a blue bottle, plus several 'bishy barnaby' (as they call ladybirds in Norfolk - lovely name for them).  Last week about ten miles away I saw a garden full of lady's smock. 


The flowers of Geranium macrorhizzum are bursting their pink buds in Bristol - next summer's Flowers!

 If you have a non flowering house plant, such as Parlour Palm or a fern, or even a flowering plant which is not at present flowering; you can make it look more cheerful and even fool some of your friends by sticking an artificial flower in the pot.  It adds a little brightness in these dark winter days and just a bit of fun.  Old gardener.   

It's really weird that some flowers have already started to bloom somehow. Don't you think! Thanks for sharing the pics. I can already smell the spring *haha* I love it when everything starts to flower Sometimes I order myself flowers by post in the winter season, therefore the cold weather won't last so ling, because they cheer me up

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