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Hello again,

I'm not the best with plants it seems, I have the grass below and over the winter the leaves have becoming stringy at the ends and have brown spots on the leaves. Is this natural for this plant, or should I be treating it with something?


 Many Thanks


Jess is in the Garden

Is this a Phormium by any chance?

It could just be that it suffered the cold a bit.

I'd just wait for the new growth and check what that's like - could all be fine

I think so, I'm not too good on plant names! I was thinking that, guess I'll just wait and see once the weather gets a bit better!


Yes it's a Phormium Y'man. Mine get like this every winter and you can just cut off those leaves. I usually wait till it's better weather and there's new growth but I did do some a few weeks ago and they were fine.


Jess is in the Garden

thought so

saw a phormium chocomint the other day and it was gorgeous - chocolate leaves with a mint green stripe...too big fir me sadly or would have been bought asap!

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