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Verdun, how far do you cut it back; I think it is Powys Castle or v. similar.

Hi Artjak. I cut it to few inches from the ground. Prob best to delay until bit warmer. You could cut half way and then further bit later.

Oooh; I shall look forward to that! It's been a bit of a thug recently. Thank you Verdun.

Artjak, if it's "a bit of a thug" then it's not Powys castle. Powys castle is a well behaved shrub. Think you may have one of the more invasive types and pruning will exacerbate the problem. Excavate around the bass and see if there are shoots coming way from it. Frankly there are just a couple of varieties that dont run all over the place. If you're happy for it to do that then ok otherwise I would dig it up. Sorry Artjak.

verdun, thank you.

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