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I have two salvias, one is Blue Skies and that has produced new growth from the ground so I have cut the old wood right down.

My second salvia is Hot Lips and I was waiting for similar signs of new growth from the ground, but on inspecting it today I have noticed new growth on the old wood. I have cut the Hot Lips back to the lowest pair of new leaves.

Is that what others have experienced or have I misread the situation? Does Hot Lips new growth grow on old wood normally?


I don't know Blue Skies but Sky Blues is a S. nemorosa cultivar, a herbaceous perennial that dies back to the ground in winter.

Hot lips is a shrub, S. microphylla,   and can be pruned as you have done

That answers my question thank you, and of course it is Sky Blues that I have. They are both similar sizes and I assumed therefore the same cultivar.

Question. When is the Best Time to Prune back SALVIA HOT LIPS.

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