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I have an euonymus alatus bush which is looking very sad for itself at this time of the year. When should I prune it and by how much?

I wouldn't prune it at all, it's much more attractive if allowed to grow naturally.  It'll soon be leafing up and looking much better 

I have it in a large pot and was just worried that it would get too big for the pot

It will only grow as big as the roots will let it.  It might need some fresh compost this spring -  if you can't tackle getting it out of the pot and shaking off as much compost as you can then repotting, you can scrape as much compost as you can from the top of the pot and replace it with some fresh.  John Innes No 3 is best for plants that are going to stay in their pot for a good long while.  

It's a lovely shrub with great autumn colour and I want to get one for the garden we're creating here in our new home 

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