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I'm looking to grow a climber in a south facing area of my garden, I'm particularly interested in the plant having interesting foliage, preferably purple. Any suggestions? My colour theme is orange, purple, green and white for that bit of the garden, and I'm a seed sowing addict so any plants that I can grow in my un heated greenhouse would be nice Moon on a stick...
My goodness, Goldilocks! You're my very own plant guru! Please don't think I'm obsessed with purple though!


Gold1locks wrote (see)

 Nutcutlet prowls round garden centres sniffing Crown Imperial bulbs!  


That's true, but I have a plant called Phuopsis stylosa which has a pungency that's almost as good and it's in the leaves, not the flowers so I can have my fix at any time of year.


I grow cotinus royal purple as a wall trained plant in my front garden. Nothing more "purple" than that I think
Just looked up all the newly suggested plants and am mulling it over lovely suggestions, thanks all!!

And more than plants, I've learned obsessions are ok too.

A comforting thought

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