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Can anyone identify this plant/weed? It has thick rubbery leaves on it, and I'm not sure if it's something thats seeded, or a weed blown in the wind



Looks like a sunflower seedling to me - they have surprisingly thick and rubbery baby leaves.

Do you feed the birds? Perhaps one of them has sown this for you....

Throw some bread out for them occasionally (which is a seeded loaf!), so maybe thats it. I'll keep an eye on it in the next few weeks and see what grows!


looks like a sunflower. i planted 15 seeds of which 12 came up, i also have another 10 or so in pots and other places around the garden which i did'nt plant.


could be a sunflower, perhaps it's one of mine. They haven't come up here, so maybe they moved

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