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Bought one of these to put in a conservatory earlier this year at about 1 1/2 metres.  For its first year in a new location it's both flowered and grown amazingly well - now nearly 3m already.   Now the flowering's over, does it need any pruning at all?  My instinct says no, but I'd welcome more informed guidance.

Hi Geoff, ive no idea what this is! But im hoping someone else will

akaTrachelospermum jasminoides.


Ahhh, ive got a couple in the garden, would just take the scruffy bits off where the flowers were, apologies for being thick

I had to google it bekkie,


Awww, Nut, you should have kept up the illusion

Thanks for this Bekkie (and nutcutlet - yes I should have given the alternative same, well done).  That sounds about right;  I'll set to dead-heading, which is never a bad plan anyway.

As a matter of interest, what sort of location are yours in Bekkie (eg: are yours in full sun in Devon or facing North in Aberdeen etc) and how tall etc have they got in how many years?  (and is all this information free? I should be so lucky ... )

Hi Geoff, brought them as tiny little things from parkers last year, one was plantes in the ground next to some trellis between us and next door, my side of the trellis is north facing, which means of course the other side faces south, there is quite alot of stuff on his side, so the light is obstructed abit.
The other one was put in a large pot (actually a aluminium drinks cooler) put in a south facing spot and pretty much forgotton about til Sunday gone when it was planted against the arbour in a southish / southeast facing spot.
There is no difference in size, probably getting on for two foot and both have buds on. I live in Wolverhampton.
That will be ten quid

Thanks for this Bekkie;  Sounds like they've got a lot of growing to do yet, and I'm sure they won't disappoint you!  (the money's on its way via the IFM (International Fake Money transfer).  Should be with you any day).

All best  Geoff . 

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