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I know it doesn´t sound timely, but I sowed a packet of double busy lizzies (they are

not suffering from mildew where I live), and maybe because little flies are always

about eating seedlings, only one very very small thing turned up. My question is:

is it a busy lizzie or just a weed? It seems to be static for some time, what is rather

weird for a weed, specially when the other seedlings about (verbascum) are growing

well. The only busy lizzie seedlings I knew were from the wild one , and they were

quite larger. Anyone has an idea (and a good memory, since these plants have

not been grown in Britain for two years now...) ?


Where did you sow them?  I've not grown them from seed but I understand that they need heat for germination.

Hi, it sounds like you'd need go post a photo. Good luck.

good luck data-mce-src="/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif", alt="", src="/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif"

what happened to the smiley faces, try again ...

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