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Hi, I have a David Austin rose called 'Golden Anniversary' which is already in flower. Is it too early? And will it be okay flowering this early? I am pretty sure it is doing this because I was too scared to prune too much as I didn't want to kill the rose.  I would really appreciate some advice on this.

Thank you 


Enjoy it Kelly. What could go wrong


Don't panic! I have a rose in bloom and so does someone else on the forum. If it wants to bloom, then let it.

Oh thank you everyone for your advice. I will definatly just relax and enjoy

Don't worry.  It's all about pruning.  Last year one of my climbing roses that grows against a south facing cream wall had it's 1st flower on 26th Feb! I'd pruned it quite early in October (I have a lot to do and not much spare time to do it).  It still flowered all summer.  Deadhead back to 2 leaf axils on the flowering stems and feed after each flush.


anthony mcglen


hi all i to have roses in bloom large heads aswell (pic)

mine is a climber but dont know its name.


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  Keep dead-heading and it will keep on blooming for you.

anthony mcglen

hi rosie31

thankyou the rose is about 4foot tall and it was planted this year.i hope it will get to the top of the 6 foot fence this year.

lets see if i am right

anthony mcglen

hi all could someone please help as you can see from my last pic my climbing rose dose flower. i dead headed when faded and now it has stopped flowering only had six flowers or so, what am i doing wrong.


I'd start a new thread with this Anthony. All the rose experts (that's not me) will have looked at this thread and commented already. 

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