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hi i asked last year for advice re pruning mature fig, followed it and planto prune more this year after frost danger gone, i'd like to grow a rambler rose through it and the montana that scrambles through-welcomed- from house behind. only have a very small 12 inch square area to plant, west facing, i'd like pauls himalayan musk any ideas from anyone  if this would be successful, also what rose and clematis can i grow over  a newly made colonade in a fairly shady site, does get some sun in summer-between ur house and next door


Pauls himalayan musk is fairly rampant and I think it would overwhelm your fig. In order to plant into this small hole I think you would end up destroying a lot of the roots of the fig.

With regard to roses for shade try looking on the David Austen site, that should give you advice.


Are you hoping to get fruit from your fig tree?  If so I'd not grow anything through it. 

HI Louise, i too have to prune an old fig weve inherited with our new house,how did you go about it, iv read about cutting out one third at a time is this what you did and how did the fig respond,

oh pants, really want something to grow through it, it looks quite good in winter almost magical, but leaves huge and overwhelms space. place i wanted to plant rose is8 ft away from main trunk, does that make it more feasible,alan, i pruned a bit randomly, a 3rd ish off a 3rd ish of tree! it fruited well, on sheltered west wall, want to still get fruit but love flowers and climbers, esp as garden only 10x5 metres


ps,anything else i could grow through it? i'll try to learn how to post photos, all v hard with wriggly baby on knee-hence lack of punctuation and capitals...wouls pauls himalayan musk be ok over colonade then? would get couple of hours sin higher up in summer, not much at ground level, jasmine successful in this spot that will eventually clothe arch and colonade too. please excuse my lack of knowledge


I think growing a climber nearby is quite feasible, but I wouldn't allow anything to grow up through the branches - for a start I think the weight of a rose in full leaf would be too heavy for a fig which has quite bendy branches - also the shade cast by the large fig leaves would be too much for most if not all roses to flower.  

I think I'd try a Clematis alpina near the fig, but not allow it to grow through it.  It shouldn't grow too big for the site, and doesn't need complicated pruning, but if you need to cut it back you can do so. 

thanks dove but pants again!!! in one way i love the fig, in another it's a pain, you're right, the shade it casts is overbearing, forgot (let me off, little boy only 11 weeks old!) i did plant 'generous gardener' in this corner, it looks healthy, had /has new growth but didnt flower, will move soon..ok maybe try a clematis, this tree is very established and has a montana scrambling through it from house we back onto, it looks stunnong in may, im obsessed with roses and clematis, probably as gardens small want lots of climbers

ps anyone any ideas about shady colonade?

i could do with a local gardening friend,i'm full of ideas but little knowledge, my husband is soooo not interested, though he commented few times last year garden looked nice! parents more clueless than me!


Generous gardener seems to do fine in shade. My figs produce fruit despite a rampant Rambling Rector, but the rose is supported by an old and dead greengage trunk. Both really need sun.   David Austin catalogue does give good advice .



Pauls Himalayan Musk is huge - much too big for a colonnade unless you live in a stately home, and even then it'd be better growing into a large tree - it'd fill your garden!


Have a look on this site - I think Kathleen would look lovely on a colonnade, but there's a really good search facility down the left hand side of the site - you can spend many happy hours putting your requirements into it and seeing what it comes up with - and don't panic, this is the time of year for planning, not doing 

And to be honest, I'd give Generous Gardener a little longer before moving it - a rose bush can take a year or two to get it's roots settled before it gets around to really performing well.  A handful of Fish Blood and Bone around the roots next month will perk it up no end 

And congratulations on your baby - what variety did you get? 

Thanks poly and dove, got a boy, got girl 2 years so perfect! dove i do like kathleen, and that was my nana's name so looks like a winner, thanks loads for suggestion,want to move generous gardener soon anyway,gets sun til fig in full leaf.i do lots of planning/dreaming,only get to get planting and digging in 20 minute slots til i get ' MUMMY!!!' we have 2 screens so whenever my daughter asks to watch something i look at plant sites! not stately home, lovely largeish victorian house but v small gardens, at least we're environmentally friendly, front garden 2 largeish triangular beds seperated by stone path-no parking but decent planting opportunities. previous owner was keen plantswoman but everything has got out of hand and lots in wrong place, hope to learn as i go along

ooh ooh ooh! just seen eden rose 88 my idea of perfect rose to look at sadly little fragrance, anyone tried this? i'd find somewhere for this!!

Ashleigh 2

Hi Louise, I have a small garden with more shade than I'd like but have found a quite a few of clematis which thrive in shade, I planted Pink Fantasy and Fuji-musume last spring and I've got my eye on several more. Taylors clematis are fabulous and you can search their website by aspect, height, colour or flowering time. I love my camelia but it's pretty boring when it's finished flowering I might grow a summer flowering clematis through that.






Ashleigh 2

For some reason I can't upload C.Fuji-musume photo, it's my favourite, wedgewood blue.


Ashleigh 2

Louise, I see what you mean about Eden rose 88, it's to die for, also love David Austins new repeat flowering 'Albrighton Rambler' 


thanks Ashleigh, both clematis look nice, may try one through rhododendron in front garden, the albrighton rambler is lovely, i've added it to my wishlist!

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