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Hi all,  I've got a 3 yr old Margaret Merrill rose which flowered beautifully the first year, didn't do much last year and this year although it's grown quite tall, has no flower buds on it at all. Has had the same treatment as my other two roses in the same bed, i.e. been pruned, mulched, fed & watered. Faces west, in clay soil,but is only 2 ft away from 6ft high box hedge behind it.

I did wonder if I pruned it too severely last year as this time it's shot up to over 5ft but looks very healthy.

Any ideas?

So it flowered well straight from the garden centre but not once it had settled in?

I grow roses but have never done it systematically. However, I have formed the idea that roses don't like competition. When you see those spectacular displays the plants are all given a lot of space with clean soil around them. Is that the case here? Even though you are watering it, it may be feeling crowded by the presence of the hedge.

Just a thought.
Have you tried that miccrorhysal stuff, im pretty neglectful of my roses, but always make sure they are planted with that stuff, in fact i use it wherever i can, really seems amazing stuff.
I suppose it could just be gaining strength for next year, if its only been in for a year, it may be making lots of root growth

Roses are hungry beasts and don't like competition. I go for varieties that can go in a mixed border, but even then I still feed them copiously and water frequently.

Thanks for all the advice folks. Will wait and see if the rose flowers later in the year.

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