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Please help, I planted a fatsia japonica last year. This is planted at the side of my home and I have noticed that the top leaves and crown are limp and squishy. Can I take the top out of this to promote side growth, take cuttings or save this somehow, or is it doomed!! Please help, this is approx 2ft square at the moment
Leave well alone for now. It may be ok at the base. Give it couple of weeks or so then, if it's lot warmer, you can remove the squishy stuff.
It's just that the leaves are drooping and as its only young I'm worried about it going too far. When its warmer what would you suggest to do. How much do I remove. Sorry it's about 1 ft tall by 2ft wide. I'm worried I will end up with a low wide plant and I actually wanted it taller than it is now.

It was a very proud purchase and wasn't cheap. I really want a variegated version too! Thanks
I would do two things. First wait a while to see if it's ok. Next, when it grows prune to upward facing buds. This will persuade the plant to grow up instead of sideways. It's a young plant, not really the hardiest, and it's been very wet. Let's just see over next few weeks what happens to it.
Thankyou!! Just looks so sorry for itself. Would post a picture but not sure how!!

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