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Hi i'm a new on here and would like some advice on what are the the stronger sented bedding plants to give my garden a lovely scent. Thanks in advance..


Hiya Ceri.

It's nothing to look at, a straggly small lilac flowered plant, BUT Night Scented Stock smells lovely. Sew seeds directly into well prepared soil near where you sit etc. This time of year is ideal.


10 week stocks will also have scent. Plants are currently available in garden centres. Its a bit too late to grow from seed.


Yes, I agree with KEF, Night Scented Stocks are wonderful, as are Nicotiana alata Grandiflora (you might still find a few plants in garden centres and nurseries if you hurry).

Thanks very much for your information


Ceri, heliotrope is fantastic.  The cherry pie plant.  I have them individually placed around the garden, door, path etc and the scent wafts beautifully.  The annual one, Marine, is freely available.

Grow a few Regale lilies.....mine are soon to open and for a month the scent is intoxicating. ....I know lilies aren't bedding plants but.....

Nicotiana, the tobacco plants, are,heavily scented too.


Lilies are nice

Planted under the bedroom window 


hollie hock

I'd go for night scented stock as well, looks very insignificant in the day time but once evening comes the flowers open and the smell is beautiful. Grow them every year. Sowed some about a week ago  and they are up

Rather hackneyed, but white sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) always works,

if planted in bulk. There is a crown of them in the tree bed in front of my house, and

every passer-by knees to feel its scent.

Purple (not blue) and yellow pansies have a very pleasant, strong smell.

I haven´t tried it yet (but I will!), anyway Zaluzianskiya (night phlox) is renowned 

for being intoxicatingly perfumed.

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