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dunno what happened there it went as one message and was done as two.. anyway..

my list is as it has missed some out:-

coloured giant scabious - mauve/white/pinks and crimson.. mixed unless you state a colour preference

cupid darts  - mauve

sweet william - william and kate one in her boquet

siberian wallflower. - orange scented one..

verbena rigida - dwarf bonadaries one

vipers bugloss - loved by bees.

no more astrantia as allocated now.

if i manage to harvest anymore i will add them.

please can everyone message me now so i can keep track of the who wanted what as i gets thanks


forgot to say i would love any agastache but not orange colour, anything bee and butterfly friendly but not budlehia.. and it must love very free draining sandy soil..full sun or complete shade as that is the two halfs of my garden.

Gargeningfantic - I like the Crimson Giant scabious and Cupids dart mauve, do you like any of my seeds?


Gardening fantic, I can do

Onorpordum acanthium, eryngium giganteum and teasel seed ,

all suitable for butterflies and bees, and sandy soil in sun.


Hi folks.

Finaly i am back.

Thanks to all who have sent seed's to me. I lost all data and have been unable to log in for over a week now,so who ever requested seeds from me,can you please contact me again sorry.Also who was the kind person who sent me the angels fishing rod and the blue harebell?



garden girl.. anything unusal please.. for bees and butterflies and sandy sun soiland strong salty sea winds..

fidgetbones.. anythng that does not get to tall as it ends up horizontal with the sea winds.. we are on top of cliff edge literally.. so very strong winds..

let me know what you want and i can do.. message me..



i can add digitailis grandaflora to my seed list also.. a lovey perennial foxglove with creamy yellow flowers about 18ins tall.. mine had been in my garden for 4 years now and each year coms up twice as big.. so is perennial i think..


gardeningfantic, has D grandiflora got darker veining inside the flower? I have one I grew from seed as D. obscura but I don't think it is, it answers your description plus those darker veins 


Does anyone have any verbena seed? " please ".

Urban Wildlife

I have orange and yellow Welsh poppy seed available

Not really organised this year but if I get anything else I'll post it up.





I usually have some verbena bonariensis seed later on. This year I may also have hastata. I say may, first year growing it. Only about 18 inches tall. pink flowers. Bees preferred the lavender.

Stacey Docherty

Astrantia seeds have arrives hurrah... Thank you whoever sent them lol don't know who it was cause hubby opened them as I am hols and he is daft!!!!


That was me Stacey, glad they got there OK


@nutcutlet. no it doesnt have darker veins in is pure creamynish inside..  i sowed some last year and only a few flowered this year so possibly flower following year.. but last some time.. the seed like foxglove and have has many seeds in each pod as well

 this is you still want some of my white astrantia stacey.. and cant remember what else it was..

i will send my seeds out soon except the giant scabious as they are still flowering and will do for some time yet.. then i will harvest for sowing next year..


i also have a few delphinium dusky pink and blue seeds.. thou not many..

i would love some verbena bonariensis please not alot.. as i have lost some of mine this year.. think they were too old and gave up the ghost..



I would like some of your verbena figet,please.


Can i please draw attention to the seed swap.Can you all please enclose detail's of who you are,as so many people want to exchange seed's but when they arrive you will not know who sent them. " doe's that make any sense?".

I have just received some today and i have no clue as to who sent them.

Many thanks.



who sent me three packet's of seed which arestrutia,evyugikus gigausteous,and poleruouim?i think that's what it say's as far as i can read it How-ever i am very greatful to who ever sent them.I now need for you to contact me with a list of whay you require from me please.


Hi David, it was me, didn't I put a note in? Not very organised am I

You've got some Astrantia, probably the one called 'Hadspen Blood'. That needs cold germination. Eryngium giganteum which you asked for, and Polymonium brandegeei, that's a yellow polymonium, annual or short lived perennial.

Now, what did I say I wanted from you. I can't remember, If you can't remember I'll have a look back through the thread


Thanks nut,Problem solved. I have been sat here wondering what to do with the seed's.

I had no idea what to do with them lol p.s dont forget to include your address when you are ready. I have:- Knautis macedonia, Giant hysop,Sage,rudbeckias mixed.,Yellow echinacea,lavender,lychis arkwrigthii,some are not quite deady yet but as soon as i will let you know nut.