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what do you think!!! My dad always said never admit to anything.


How did you come up with the name Nutcutlet?


I can cook a nice nut cutlet. 



ok.I need some help nut! i am trying to identify a weed for my mother inlaw.

It is like a purple clover,and it grows from a buld and spreads.Any idea's?



sounds like oxalis. a real nuisance if you get it amongst small plants or on a rockery



Its all over her veg patch, any idea on how to get rid of it?


Glyphosate kills most things. Might be worth starting a new thread with it, I've never dealt with it and some people won't be looking at this thread 


Are there any more offers of seed to be swapped.


P.s what is a nutcutlet?


I am going to have some seed of roscoea cautleoides Kew beauty, shortly. These have  to be sown fresh like Hellebores and take up to three years to flower. I am looking for some yellow rattle. Also I have aquilegia black Barlow type.also a frilly red one.


Also I have various foxgloves and red campion, and scotch  thistle onopordum.

I hate predictive texting. Going to change  computers.

Diddydoit wrote (see)

P.s what is a nutcutlet?

It's a veggie-burger made with nuts and anything else you want to put in. 


I'll see if there's any yellow rattle left fb. I should be able to find some more even if most has been shed. Bit dark now, I'll do it tomorrow. 

The roscoea sounds interesting, would it need heat to see it through the winter or will it not germinate til spring?


errr!!! that sounds unhealthy Nut,seeds are for the birds and beef is for the burgers lol.



don't eat meat David, don't like it. Tastes nasty, feels worse


roscoea form little tubers like dahlias . I am going to sow in a deep box and keep in cold tunnel for winter. They will germinate in spring. They don't need heat.

They don't like being moved until the tubers have formed so I intend leaving them until they are 2 year old before moving to final position.

I have never seeds off this before. I thought it would be a good opportunity to bulk it up.The plants only  clump up slowly.  I am going to follow scottish rock plant society advice.


Right complete seed list finally!

Astrantia white and hadspen

Clematis pierotii

Dianthus amurensis 'siberian blues ' 

Hollyhocks black and a packet that I have no idea what colour!

digitalis camelot cream

Dracocephallum moldavicum


Sweet cicely

Ipomoea grandpa ott and heavenly blue

Tropaeolum peregrinum

Pullsatilla red/blue mixed

perennial white poppy...sorry don't know name.

Sunflower red

Dierama pulcherrimum

Scots pine....someone gave me a free packet of seeds at a show

NGS seeds for free...basil, curly kale, plain leaf parsley, wild rocket

Old veg seeds 2011/12 sweetcorn Incredible, Courgette goldrush, Organic rocket

And of course my pic n mix 

Hello addict

What are you after?  I like the look of the Pullsatilla red/blue mixed and I do like the sound of the pic n mix seeds - just like sweets

I have Honesty seeds purple

white campion

red campion

and sure a few more different ones but can't remember will have to have a look but off to bed now so later on

I have to offer echinops seed, mixed poppy seed, aquilegia rhubarb and custard, garlic chives.

i'm looking for bee balm monarda red, sea holly and those really really huge thistle type ones used for wow factor!