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Can anyone familiar with the woody shrub in the Hypericum genus (I do not know the species), advise me on pruning it to rejuvenate it.  Can it be pruned to the ground ?  Or to  old wood? Or does it need to have some of its leafy growth left on to keep it from dying?

This shrub ( I think Hypericum) is currently six feet tall with new growth twigs being very delicate and yellow.  Leaves are 2-3cm rounded, opposite growing and are a minty green with whitish pink variegated edges.  Any idea of the species? 


Can you post photos of the shrub please?  Leaves and the whole plant ... start with the camera icon.  If the pics don't upload reducing the size usually works. 

My hypericum was a very untidy so I gave it a hard prune, but not to the ground, and it recovered. New leaves were produced from leafless stems and it is fine now.

Kitty 2

A photo would help to ID what type of hypericum you have for best advice.

I have hypericum androsaemum, which bounced back after a hard prune to a foot high this spring. It's approx 5ft again, and will get chopped again next year 😁.

I will get a photo On Saturday after visiting my friend's garden.  Thank you all for your input!



I take androsaemum back to the ground every year and it looks much better for it

Don't know if those are good enough pictures.  Upon observing the plant during daylight I realized that not all the new growth twigs are yellow, only some tip growth is, otherwise the twigs tend to be reddish.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

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