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Can anyone identify this shrub. Its got velvety leaves....





Hi Heather, it looks like a Hazel to me.

Heres another picture...



Hazel leaves aren't velvety though.

Is that shrub out of the ground with most of its roots severed?

Do you know wether the shrub has a flower?


Yes its out of the ground..its being produces berrys apparently..I'm posting on behalf of a friend..don't know much else about it!

maybe the best way to identify the shrub is for your friend to replant it  and give it plenty of water , then  through out the growing season take some more shots of it and put them on here. once the shrub goes through its differant stages we should be able to put a name to it . If it has berries then it will have a flower . sorry can't be more help .


I don't rate it's chances very highly. Too much root damage

Lonicera morrowii is my best guess

Its been saved from going to the dump..thankyou all for your input..we will make sure it gets lots of tlc nutcutlet Thankyou DiggerSean and lucky3 much appreciated.


send us a pic when it flowers Helen, it can probably be identified then


Think I'd take several cuttings - that'll increase it's survival chances

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