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Hi, I planted a solanum in my front garden up against a fence last year along with many other shrubs, I added wires for it to climb but I'm not sure if what I have climbing up the wires is indeed solanum or bindweed,  how would I tell the difference, as yet I haven't had any flowers and I haven't had to tie it in its wrapped itself around the wires and rose and anything else in close proximity I'm wondering if I'm growing a vigorous weed instead!  Help please.


If you post a picture then we can tell the difference-bindweed is a fast growing weed and is quite distinctive-but from you description of its habit it sound like bineweed- a photo will confirm


Strongly suspect you are indeed nurturing a weed, as solanum does not usually behave in quite such a strong wasy as you describe, but as sotongeoff suggests, a picture will confirm it one way or the other.


ok, hope this works there are 2 different plants growing but not sure if they are both weeds, last year they grew up and then died off when we had a hard frost but have had no flowers from them at all so starting to doubt they are indeed what I thought they were.  Its not letting me upload the photo's for some reason will try again later.

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