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I am changing a small area of grass in my garden into a flower bed however there is a large drain cover in the middle which I am looking for cover.


I need a plant which will spread across and hide this. I was originally looking at phlox but I cannot get a plant locally so no am back to square one.

Does anyone know of any other flowers which will do the job?




You could stand a flower pot on it, filled with flowers. If its a trailing plant then it would hide the edges.

My dad uses a half barrel, that has a small Acer and a couple of plants to cover his unsightly manhole, its looks very good.


Plant a prostrate plant to one side.  Are you absolutely sure you won't want to access the draincover in the future?


You need to leave access to the manhole so a pot is best.  Failing that a prostrate juniper would cover it if planted to the side but would get damaged when you need access.

I have two of these things in my front border and both have pots I can move.

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