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Looking to purchase a variety of spring bulbs soon to plant up for next year. Which online suppliers do people here recommend? Ive previously used J Parker, but looking for alternative suppliers also.


This has been a contentious issue on the forum. Parkers for bulbs are ok? Unless you have been disappointed with them. I do buy their bulbs but not their plants
Alina W

Bloms bulbs are good, as is Walkers for daffs especially. Don't leave it too long to contact someone - stocks will be running low soon.

Tom Edwards (CottageGardening)

I have used GEE-TEE bulbs a couple of times for bulbs and plants and haven't had a problem with them. Prices are reasonable and delivery is fast.


Thanks for the replies, ive just placed an order with GEE-TEE for some daffs, tulips and aliums.


thomson & morgam I found them very poor with plants and seeds


Walkers for bulbs. Very pleased with mine.


Walker were is that and what website is it

I bought Canna lilies from J.P.Parkers this year and whilst the plants looked as though they were doing well they never did flower. I was very disappointed. Can anyone give me a few pointers.

kevc, thanks sotongeoff, for the website for Walkers! Bit behind with emails - was in the garden most of the day yesterday! Beautiful sunny day here in the West Midlands , with a couple of showers, allowing me to have some food and a coffee as a break!

anniegirl wrote (see)
I bought Canna lilies from J.P.Parkers this year and whilst the plants looked as though they were doing well they never did flower. I was very disappointed. Can anyone give me a few pointers.

Cannas need warmth to flower-and this is the second year in succesion that mine have been disappointing-so it is like a lot of things this year- weather related and they also need to get to flowering size-don't give- next year will be a long hot summer and we will tired of looking at them


Thanks sotongeoff I will have a go next year. I haven't grown them before and thought it was something I had or had not done correctly. Thanks again you have given me hope.

You will need to bring then for the winter-they are not hardy in the UK-(that is if you didn't know that)

Thanks I'll get on to that right away , I am new to some of the more tender plants Now I have more spare time, I am always looking for information. Thanks again sotongeoff.


Anniegirl. Cannas need a LONG growing season. If they are overwintered in,pots and then fed well, watered etc they should flower in late summer. I have several varieties ....can grow here in open ground over winter...that are 6 to 8' tall in full flower and have been for weeks now. So, start them early and, when frost has gone, put in the ground or in pots in the sunniest part of your garden. They like to be watered and not,to dry out.

Thanks Christopher2  you said to plant early, how early? I bought the small bulbs fot the patio but, I may have planted them too late. knowing nothing of this plant Iwill   have another go next year. Thank you to all for your help.

Anniegirl, by early I mean as soon as possible in the spring. It depends where you are cold etc. if cannas, for example, are in their pots and nice and dry and warm start to water a little, say in march, watch for growth. When shoots are growing well water more and feed. It's way,I do it always trying to get a head's start. It's about being careful not to water though if it's still too cold as plants will then rot. Get timing right and your cannas will flower in August or September. You said you bought the "small bulbs" small are they? Each year , next year, they will be much bigger. They are tubers and mine really are quite massive.

bulbs arrived from Gee-Tee yesterday, great service and bulbs look extremely healthy.

Christopher2 Thank you for so many helpful tips.When I said small I meant miniature tubers, this was my first attempt at lilies in pots.Should I lift the lilies now? We live just south of Derby. Thanks again for your help.