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Well it’s been a little while since my last post update

For many reasons bad foot, wedding  anniversary ,  wife’s birthday also a really poorly Dog thought he had IMHA but his on the mend now. Yes the Vet relieved me of £300.00 for only two blood tests and a shot of pain killers to bring his temperature down and a course of antibiotics. But I would pay anything for my Springer (he’s my best friend).


Right on to the garden and what I’ve been up to. Well summer ended really quickly you know two weeks ago it was 25 to 28 degrees and starting to get dark at 9.15 pm

So what have I done in the garden well to start with I’m still cutting down ivy and bushes I think I’ve reclaimed three square meters by the decking and another three square meters by the conservatory. I’ve also made some staging for the greenhouse but it’s in the conservatory with plants on it. The greenhouse is erected up to the guttering height and sat on the decking waiting for the foundations to be completed OK started but that’s going to get started this weekend rain or shine.

I have bought four new pots today from B&Q not cheap £70.00 for four but my spring bulbs will love them, the last of by bulbs have arrived now so guess what I’m doing tomorrow.

Two pots with have Allium and the other two will have winter plants with colour pink clayman and yellow pansy My other plans for the next week or two is to dress the lawn and seed also add some new flower beds to the garden one is planned by the decking and one planed by the trees


Ok here is a list of bulbs I have going into the garden this autumn 

Allium Sphaerocephalon

Allium Christophii

Anemone Blanda

Chionodoxa Forbesii

Fritillaria Meleagris




Love reading your blog James. Glad you started again and foot is healed. 

Do we get pictures? I am hopeless at visualizing from a description 

Do you have a particular area you are planting the anemones? They disappear completely when they've finished and it is so hard to tell if you have disturbed them because the knobbly little brown bulbs, rhizomes...whatever they are called....look just like a lump of dirt! I think I have killed a fair few over the years so make sure you remember exactly where you put them.


Yes pic's are to follow when it's stopped raining.

I my put the anemones into a pot mixed with the snake head and Chionodoxa Forbesii

what do you guy's think will it work ??



Ok here is a tour of my garden to date let's see how much I can do in a month 

 baskets still doing well

 Think this has tobe the star in my garden because when it arrived it was so so poorly I don't no if it will have time to flower before the first frost but we will have to see Hellium

 Small raised bed with my new Hosta's and the koi gemi also mint and chives


 New bench home made ready for greenhouse two more to make

 I love sitting hear with a coffee/wine/beer with my springer fence has stopped for now waitting for some more wood

 Confrey doing well

 greenhouse and some of my pots and o'yes a bag of ivy as you can see still a lot of ivy to go BUT I only get the wife's car once a week if I'm lucky to get rid of garden waist (only a fool) would go to the tip at the weekend as it's packed solid all weekend 

 This is one area were a new flowwer bed is going and compost/coldframe is going

 can you see the bamboo xmass tree yes it has lights (green) that come on at night just something I make last year LOL

MORE  garden waist 

 I now it's bland but had clay under that slate and full sun all day plus the wife uses it as parking that'


The rest of the post has gone (my of died when I wasn't looking Bloody jack frost LOL)

anyway here is the rest of the tour

 New pots for spring bulbs

 Compost I think I've spent £100.00 on pots and compost this week O'well it should look nice when the spring comes

 This has to be my bargain of the year £5.00 for a 17.50 hanging basket so I bought two as my other one had seen better day all out of shape and mould was spotter in the winter/spring 

 second place where I'm going to add a new flower bed this winter I have many plants and seed/bulbs ready to go into it. I will be moving the seat back into the corner and adding some stepping stone's with two pots to the side of bench and then flower bed. These tree have been trimed this year as I nearly lost a eye cutting the grass 

 well going for a coffee in my fav place to plan roast beef for 12 people my wife love to cook OK I do the cooking and she just invitest friends and family over for meals 

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my little garden watch it grow with me over the year 

still have lots to do but I'm really enjoying my self I have hoped to do lots today and tomorrow but with friends coming it's only going to be tomorrow




Good morning James, I have only just started reading your blogs and have thoughly enjoyed it.

We also have a dog who thinks anything green is just for him to use as a toilet!! They are delightful but as you we wouldn't be without him.

You have managed an amazing amount so far considering you have not had the best of luck health wise.

Keep it up it's a great read.



That looks fabulous x Don't let a lack of comments put you off, some people like to stalk threads and follow without making comments 

I think CluelessGardener is a bit of a misnomer!

4thPanda wrote (see)

That looks fabulous x Don't let a lack of comments put you off, some people like to stalk threads and follow without making comments 

I think CluelessGardener is a bit of a misnomer!


Certainly not clueless James, but don't change your name, I get lost when people do that


I would like to thank you all for the comments I'm really thrilled that at last I've got some response I'm clueless but with your help I will get there




Enjoyed reading this, although if you are inclined to take suggestions, i would say you should start it/transfer to it to one fo the free blog sites, or wordpress.

It makes it much easy to read and navigate, it doesnt cost anything and is very easy to setup.

You could then link it in this post each week to let people know its been updated, given all the issues with pictures and navigation on this forum i think it will stand the test of time better without links/pictures disapearing.


Hello CluelessGardener Please do not stop blog as I am a stalker enjoy and learn from you and others but do not contribute. Thanks to everyone else for the enjoyment and info I have had. Especially on a rainy miserable day here in Ips. Did have a window and went out dead heading. Greedy want flowers as long as possible.



Thanks to all I will have a look at free blogs 

tea and son I'll pick you up 5.30 am tomorrow lol



If you ever need a break tea from him next door I have a spare doubble Bed and I know a great cook (so I've been told) you are more than welcome for a week or two 

and I'm sure my son will not mind sharing his bunk bed with with your son (he can also talk a lot as well he's only 12 going on 45. 

Love James xx

anthony mcglen

many thanks for the blog great reading ,keep up the good work my friend


Pretty good handyman aren't you James 

Thanks for the pics makes it so much easier to visualize. Think you have given yourself enough work to keep you going for a very long time. Brilliant watching it all changing bit by bit. 



Lovely garden and great blog.  Still following you James!


Hello all it’s quite a dry day today in my garden so I thought I would cut some ivy down today.

So I tipped all my garden waste with the aid of my wife car. So I started with a chain saw i bought from ebay (bargain of the month) yes I said chain saw paid £20.00 for it.

I’ve been hacking away now for  2 hours straight and still have both my legs and all ten fingers and toes (touch wood) O’my  god  it’s like the enchanted forest in there in fact I’m sure I saw snow-white or was it Shrek

I did see my first ladybird. Any way glad I’m cutting it down as I don’t think the brick wall would have lasted another year, how do I know this because the wall is moving from side to side when I try and shake the ivy lose. There must be about 12 inches of dead ivy under the new growth. I will of course post some pic’s as it comes down. I’ve stopped for now as it’s just about going to rain also it’s beaten me for today I think

I may cut a tree down in the front garden so I can spend most of Friday running down to the tip with garden waste.




Enjoying your blog, James, keep it up! I'm also a lurker/stalker, only post if I've got something I think is worth saying (not always the case, as many will agree!).

Heather Michaels

James I've just seen all of this. What a clever person you are. Quite the handy man by the looks of it and quite a good gardener too, Clueless by name but not by nature me thinks! Keep at it, its looking fantastic so far and it'll only get better. Posting here so as not to be seen as some sort of mad cyber stalker

anthony mcglen

hi CluelessGardener what is going on with your project it has not been updated for a while. hope you are ok andlook forward to you next update