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Singy, that strawberries a bit of a whopper. Bit too big to float on a glass of Pimms.


It's huge!

Some sunny colour for summer.




Fidget- depends what size your glass is...

It is a whopper though!

G. Jekyll was almost blind when she designed a lot of her gardens and every one had a complete planting plan - she painted with plants. Of course, she had Ned Lutyens to design all those wonderful architectural structures - one of the all time greats- so that makes it easier!

Came home from daughter's birthday dinner and saw this little visitor when I looked out kitchen window....




Picked my first toms today.

Now you thought those strawberries were big- these are the same size as me...!



hollie hock

Great pictures, love the huge strawberry and the hedgehog, how lovely

I like gaillardias, known here as the goblins, very bright

As someone who has just tipped their toe into veg,here's my courgette plants




Fairy G, that's enough salad for a week!

Love the massive strawbwerry.


Is it not lovely when you grow something that is newto you and you fall in love with some aspect of it?  This summer it is the beautiful colour of the flowers of Senecio polyodon for me.






Dangerous going outside with a camera... not fantastic pics but they cheer me.

hollie hock

Lovely pics reb, like the white one, but more so the blue and purple one......what is it?

Apparently they are both delphiniums! Gorgeous flowers Although I am not so sure that that is what the lovely two-tone one is. However it almost glows at dusk. 

hollie hock

I've only got one delph that's made it through here, light blue in colour, the two tone one is stunning


Lovely pics folks.

I have a delphinium that, to me anyway, is quite unusual in colour.  Lilac and white and I like it very much.  I'm usually a blue delphinium one or two named varieties too....but quite taken by this "intruder".  Like the odd white one as well.  Had delphiniums in flower for some 8 weeks I guess with more coming out.  This season, although starting cold and late, is now throwing up some good flowering plants.  It's as though they have been waiting for the sun and now it's here they are going to show off


This little patch decided its time to get on with flowering not sure what i have there 



Is that black print meant to be a link to an enlargement? I only get writing. Looks pretty, shame it won't enlarge.

John Harding

The print will not enlarge because the file size is greater than the forum parameters allow. Setting the file size to 1024x768 pixels (or around 1.0 mb) is ideal if you know how to do it. There's something not right with the web site address 'blackest' lists because clicking on it just brings up a blank page.