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Summer has well and truly arrived at the Bristol University Botanic Garden and here are 





 some pics I took this morning.  That is Ferruls communis at the bottom.  The blue iris close-up is Iris siberica "Cambridge" and the pink peony is Peony suffricosa.


...I love visiting these Botanic gardens... very nice Marion and your photos now enlarge beautifully, with full 'zoom in' status...  blue Iris's are gorgeous aren't they...?


Yes they are.  will edit some more pics for you all tomorrow as i must pot up tomatoes now.

Simon McBride

Just been out in the garden and taken a few pictures of the latest arrivals






...very nice... what's the mauve flower in the 2nd photo... I know the other 3... thanks...


Simon McBride


Looks great in the borders


happymarion, your blue iris are just divine


They like boggy conditions, Wintersong, so were in their element last  year.


I get confused about Iris because the experts say Iris love baking in the sun, but I also know they love boggy gardens, so there must be two different types with the same looking flower?

John Harding
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Lovely pic Bev.

Someone put a pic of Elsa Spath on- I've just looked at it. Sorry I've forgotten who and which thread 

 It's lovely too with a slight stripe.Had one in a previous garden.

Wintersong- your editing must be very expert then!  Do you like the really dark clems? I love the really dark purply reds and the whites- no grey (or pastel!) areas in my life 

 No idea what the one I put on here is- was already here. It's quite a cool purple- more lavender. Niobe is one I want to get - never got round to it before. Rouge Cardinal is  another favourite and I will get Romantika as I had it before and didn't take it when I moved- silly me.

Hi there Fairygirl up in Weegieland, I did put a pic of Elsa Spath on yesterday, maybe it was that one? - here it is again


The potty gardener

More great pics Marion. Some lovely colours there Simon.


Asphodels, papaver atlanticum and Stachys bizantinum in the Mediterranean Bank at the Bristol Univ. botanic garden today.


 These dactylorrhyza are weeds in the New Zealand Garden in the Bristol botanic garden.


John I'll forgive you the Edinburgh error of yesterday since I didn't remember it was your Elsa Spath!! It's a very pretty clematis yet not always readily available which I think is  a shame. Was in clematis heaven at the nursery today - should have taken my camera!  Restrained myself - will take some pix tomorrow of my purchases! Took some little pix of all my bits and bobs in their pots - hopefully get going with raised bed for Irises and clematis etc soon. Tomorrow to be another good day here so hoping to finish off front border and top dress it.

Herbs, sedum and a dianthus my sis gave me after I moved here recently:

 Extra Sempervivums from alpine pan to go somewhere!





1 of my Dahlias grown from seed. Waiting to see what colour the flower will be :P

Flower Buds emerging on my Broadway Lights Shasta Daisy

Flower Buds almost out on my Oriental Poppies

My Beautiful Pink Ranunculus

Flower Buds appearing on my seed grown seashell Cosmos

Big Allium Heads

My Gertrude Jekyll Rose has countless Flower buds waiting to open on it




Great pix as always everyone! 

Different types of Iris Wintersong- there are so many though- the 'flag' type for ponds etc, sibiricas which can be grown in a border if not too dry or at water's edge and so on. The ones you're thinking of that need baking are the rhizomatous ones- mostly the big  summer flowering bearded types with 'sword like' leaves. Too many to go into! They are all lovely! I'd love to get chrysographes which is a small moisture loving one- and dark purple of course!

Simon McBride wrote (see)


Looks great in the borders


...thank you for your reply Simon... I've not grown those for years... memory slips...


Just wonderful pictures


Lovely photos everyone, for me Marion's irises and Simon's Anemone de Caen are special.

This is one of my favourite roses coming into flower, climbing "the Pilgrim".



I like the look of the Pilgrim B-L. Is it scented?