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Green Fingered Mikey

Thought i would share a picture of my sunflowers which are going strong they germinated about a week and half ago there about an inch high now



Sowed mine today Mikey so they should be up in about a week then? (Hopefully)

Mine are planted out, they were outgrowing their pots.

My Kale has germinated too whoopee!!

Right off to sow some more sunflowers, mine are a 'no show' from a couple of weeks ago...


Green Fingered Mikey
MrsGarden I have outside underneath a homemade mini greenhouse we had some really nice sunny days last week which I think helped give them a boost

Mikey, I've got some outside, some in GH and now some on windowsill! 

Green Fingered Mikey
Oh are they all from same package or seeds from plant you have grown ? I am really lucky I was given my packet of seeds off someone who donated some plant pots to me the packet was date 2011 I could not believe they germinated.

2 different packets, one Wilko other local nursery, but not labelled them 


Mikey, sunflowers grow very quickly,  when they get another pair of leaves, re pot them in 3 inch flower pots, I sow mine in pots to start with, saves root disturbance.

Just a little advise, fill your trays with a bit more compost, sometimes the seedlings will stretch to reach the light above the tray, leading to leggy seedlings.

Green Fingered Mikey
Mrs G they might pop up hopefully fingers crossed for you.
Lyn thanks a lot and will do, I do have a few in pots in my shed and tbh I never thought they would germinate considering how old the packet of seeds was and I never realised how quick they would grow thanks again for the advise and I will fill my trays to the top from now on

Sowed mine last weekend, moonwalker came up first. I always have trouble with dwarf sunflowers germinating, this years no exception, only one has popped it's head up.    

Lulu The Lurcher

I sowed these on 11th March don't know when I should plant them out. I've got some more seeds


which I think I'll plant straight out in the ground

Green Fingered Mikey
Looking good Lulu mine have just grown there 2nd pair of leaves so I will be putting them into bigger pots tomorrow I will plant mine in the garden when there about a foot just to be safe, this is my first time growing them I can't wait for them to flower

Got mine in the ground. Just looking to avoid Slugs which have already eaten my





Planted my sunflowers yesterday; Single Giant type. I do love them and so do the birds.

Green Fingered Mikey
There a good size Bluebaron Also I've read on here a few times that beer works wonders get a glass or pot and fill it half full with beer this attracks the slugs and drowns them I will be trying this my self

I don't like to leave them until they're too big as the stems seem to be weaker and more likely to snap.  I just so plenty so when some are inevitably eaten I'm not not bothered.

or even *sow!


Orchid Lady

I bought some more sunflower seeds the other day, just because I needed them!!!  I now have 4 different varieties sown but only did them on Sunday, all in my GH so will expect to see some sign of new life in about a week - 10 days.  Sunflowers are the one thing I have managed to grow successfully in the past and I love them, almost as much as Orchids and Daffodils