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Gown in a large pot, plenty of growth, well watered and fed, no flowers.  Where am I going wrong? Might it be the weather and humididy.  All suggestions please


Did you plant them quite late? Alternatively, the cold spring in lots of areas may have checked them so they might just be catching up now. 

Blue Dragon

Your not the only one seakale.

My Sweet Peas have been really slow too and are yet to show any sign of even thinking of flowering : (

I have planted mine out late (also into a large pot), but only 'cause the weather has been so bad here I dare'nt have done it any sooner. So I realize they'll have some catching up to do first, so I'm still kinda hopeful for some later-than-usual flowers with this sudden summer we're getting now. They look and seem healthy enough, so we'll see. There's still time yet.


I don't expect sweet peas to flower before July here so it also depends whereabouts in the country you are 

They'll continue into October here from spring sowings

Blue Dragon

I'm in the North east, in County Durham. Up here it's much slower to warm up, we get a lot of rain and horribly strong winds so everything is slower to grow, mature and produce : /

In fact I've found through experience that it's a good idea to wait, even as long as a month later than others do, to start sowing and growing a lot of things.

That's why I'm still hopeful for them. But, personally, I've never actually grown Sweet Peas before, so I wasn't sure what to expect from them.



I've only just got my first flower! Its been cool up until this last week, but at least it means they will keep going all summer

Blue Dragon

I've got my first buds : 3

So, see seakale, it really isn't too late. Be patient and I'm sure you'll be next : )


Don't think I will even see any flowers this year - I sowed seeds in late May and are only about three inches high, but might get a show this year with a lot of luck....

hollie hock

Sowed mine end of March and not even a sign of flowers yet, they look healthy and are getting taller

Sweet peas have started flowering, very short stems and white and green leaves, flowers very small.  I ordered pale blue and white but some red have crept in.


any pointers from the others out there, I am a first time grower, from seed

hollie hock

You could always sow some in Autumn, which should give you earlier flowers next year.

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