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Depends a bit on the bulbs though. Tulips should be planted later than daffodils. I don't plant them until November. Just planted a load of daffodils in the grass.


Hello, Brumbull, haven't heard from you for ages. What have you been doing?


Managed to plant my tete a tetes and primroses in my giant box planter and cut down and dig out the sunflowers/zinnias/cosmos and cineraria.

Ive brought all the flowers that were left inside in some vases

But its just starte pouring with rain, I hope it doesnt last too long


Got all my Alliums in

But I think I bought too many Daffs for my small garden

So I think I'll just put them in pots and add them to gaps in the spring as Verdun suggested

I'll do my Tulips in the last week of October/ 1st week of November



It's the best solution Matt. I'm doing the same as I have a lot of new areas to plant so everything will be a bit immature. A big pot of spring bulbs is cheery on a dull day but a lot of smaller ones popped into the borders gives a lovely effect too. 


I have lots of small pots that I save from work and bought plants. I have those mixed bags of Daffs from Wilkinsons, some are quite big but most are medium size.

What size pots should I plant in and how many per pot?

Depends on the size of the bulb.   Daffs, for me, are best around the rim of,the pot and one in the centre.  Size?  Well, not quite touching ...maybe a finger's width between them.  I plant deep so maybe on 2cm of compost. When I plant the whole thing  out I do so even deeper in the ground.  Hyacinths would be one in 1 litre pot and 3 in 2 litre.

Matt, not too keen on those mixed daffs simply because I don't know how big each will be, what colour, what type.   I,prefer to buy named varieties and pot these up for a group of,similar flowers.  But.....daffs are daffs.....a load of colour is guaranteed in spring.  


Yea your probably right, they were only cheap, but now I can see the benefit of buying particular varieties.

The bulbs vary in size, mainly between 10-20cm each. I dont have many big pots to use, most are 1litre or less.


Managed to get the rest of my Daffs potted up. Found a couple of 2L pots and that big 4L terracotta one my Cordyline came in. The rest are all 1L with 2 bulbs in each :P

I'll let the forecast rain give them a good water now!

 Just the tulips left to plant now and a free bag of Sparaxis I had with my Allium order

hollie hock

Haven't done any pots of daffs for a while, they do look lovely in the spring. Got quite a few in the garden so wont be adding to them as I find they do take ages to die back down once they have flowered. Beautiful plants though, I love them.

Might pick up a few for some pots this year. I like sparaxis, very pretty flowers


Yea They are very pretty Sparaxis. I'll wait until I take out my Bellini Dahlia from the Wooden Barrel. I can plant them in there then.

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