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I took the advise of some young gardener in AG mag to set tomato seeds in January, my dad there sniggering away, 'Thats the way to do it these days dad' I says!

'Go on then' Says he.

Well, now my plants are 9/10" tall, no way they can go into the unheated greenhouse, and thinking never in the garden.

i will probably have to pot them on yet again, and so have to house 10 x 6" flower pots in the conservatory.

I have learned my lesson, listen to the oldies, they know best, dad has been gardening in this garden for 26 years, who was I to think I knew best.

OK Geoff, you win on this one!



If you laugh at me........ well I deserve it!!!!!

The plants look fab! But I have to say I definitely think people get wiser as they get older, I had a similar story with my Grandad


Beautiful plants! Mine are still snug in their seed packets



And so they should be Calendula, I wonder what happened to the ones they chappy in the AG mag sowed.

They would be beautiful plants if it was a month later!

I feel I will be planting these out with at best the flowers on, or at worse, the baby toms.

chilli lover

Lovely plants Lyn - shame it wasn't this time last year you would have been on to a winner!

Calendula wrote (see)

Beautiful plants! Mine are still snug in their seed packets


Yep I've got the same situation. .......did it last year too!!
We all do it. We are all impatient and eager to get a head start. Yet it's April soon and the pressure mounts to get seed sown
I wasn't in a rush to get started though, my seeds are only just going in , in fact lots haven't gone in yet, I just went by the magazine, I expect he has got unheated greenhouse to plant then in. Fortunately, I have Ferline and Shirley just coming up.
Woodgreen wonderboy

The impatience of youth, the wisdom of age...we all make the same mistakes. In 40 years you will be passing on this wisdom, but probably by some type of thought transerence!!


Yeah, I was itching to get my toms sown in Jan too, I think it was much warmer then than it is now and was hoping for another warm March, would have beem well away. But I was busy planting other things, pruning and preparing so eneded up not doing them yet. I'm so glad I didnt. But I have to say Lyn, they look well and healthy, not at all leggy. 

They do look like lovely healthy plants, we just need some warmth now for you to get them out.

oh, sorry for my shocking spelling


Don't see why this should be an issue, why not insert some small stakes to act as supports? You can always remove the smaller support once in grow bags and tie them to a bigger cane. Just make sure you have the bigger cane in place first in-case they snap. Worse thing that can happen now is a check in growth due to lack of heat, hardly a bad thing at this stage! Believe me, no one will be laughing when you've got tomatoes 2 months ahead of everyone else. Happy days!

But isn't it to cold to put them in the unheated greenhouse yet Adam? The problem is more about housing them indoors.

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