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26/05/2014 at 21:28

I thought I would join in with comments about T&M who were renound for quality new varieties etc.

What has happened??, had all my seeds from them 3 yrs ago unhappy then and decided not to use again. The wife however saw an article about new and better tomato variety and purchased the offer, arrived later (about 6weeks) dry  thin drawn plants, been planted 2 weeks now and still not recovered 1 dead.

Complained twice had no responce yet will do because I will keep on complaining and telling all concerned what rubbish is being sent out.  


26/05/2014 at 21:33

If you want action post your complaint on their Facebook page, it's full of them.

12/06/2014 at 19:52

I ordered 3 packets of  seeds and some plug plants in April. 

T&M stated that the seeds would be delivered within 3 days and the plugs by the end of the month.     The seeds took 2 weeks to arrive (in the same time another supplier had delivered within 72 hrs of order), The plugs didn't turn up so in May I emailed them & heard nothing.

  I emailed them again and then held on the phone for over 20 minutes.   They said they'd look into it and phone me back. 48hrs later a nice young man rang to assure me that he'd seen my plants and that they would be dispatched shortly. 

Early June they sent a letter to say ...sorry no plants available (these were plnats that were menat to be dispatched in April) But don't worry we'll refund!    I've just had the refund, not only is it £5 light (they refunded £9.99 not the £14.99 they charged my card) but they have not refunded the extra postage for the plants which they failed to send.  So now i've paid £6.90 for the postage on 3 packets of seeds.    What a cheek

12/06/2014 at 20:37

I am not patriotic but.  Stick to BRITISH.

12/06/2014 at 20:48

Ceanothus - that's disgraceful - I'd contact Trading Standards!!!

12/06/2014 at 20:56

Having read all the posts re T&M and had poor experiences myself, should we not start to put pressure on the BBC to remove T&M from the partners list and put pressure on BBC publications to refuse to carry their advertising as well.

I can understand that advertising is money, however bad suppliers, reflect badly on those who they advertise with.

Both Thompson & Morgan and J Parkers have come in for some fierce criticism on this forum, with little sign of improvement from both companies or the necessary dose of humility recognizing the fact that they need to improve, other than a terse post on this and other threads.

Even if they are British should they not improve to compete in this competitive world.

I would suggest that the increasingly poor reputation of T&M reflects badly not only on this site, and the BBC in general.

12/06/2014 at 21:04

I agree............T and M used to be good 20 years ago but they seem to have lost the plot re quality and customer service.

As for Stick to many of these companies are British owned these days ?  Without a lot of research, you wouldn't really many takeovers, etc.

Sadly, British is not synonomous with it goods or services..........we should use them if we can find them but let's not kid ourselves

12/06/2014 at 21:14

I think T&M have their place in the market, but personally I don't think GW should associate itself with them as I think it drags them down. I suppose GW are trying to promote the view of value and affordability, but no doubt they have a massive contract between them. I don't take up the offers due to experience of buying directly.

12/06/2014 at 22:23

I was very ill all of last year and not really recovered by March of this so I ordered garden ready plants from T & M.  I did ring up to ask were they likely to arrive shortly and they did, or three of the four lots did.  Fine, healthy and very well packed they were as well.  The geraniums are not due yet which seems a little strange but if they are as 'looked after' as the apricot begonias etc I have already received I will be well pleased.

12/06/2014 at 23:12



I have mingled with many euro nurserymen.  Sad to say.  In our horticultural history.  All of a suuden the british countryside became clothed in glass.  Then as fast as the uprise was.  The british economy began a downhill journey. Heating costs in britain sored.  Traversing the british isles.  Fields farms estates of glasshouses suddenly became a much blot on the landscape.  This coincided with the YUPPIE era.  So many foundations suddenly realised that, the overall outgoings far exceeded the income and profit margin. No.  I am in no way political, but I can recal conversations of way back in the 1970's.. The Eu/Common Market was the death nell of GB.  From the standpoint of horticulture.  The continent offered so much.  The weather and climate was a great asset to the europeans.  They were some four to six weeks ahead of us in growing time.  They really did take advantage.   There were our nurserymen forking out vast cash sums to heat their glass estates.  To equate the spread of expenditure. A pot of a commom calendula...common marigold would have to be around three to four ponds, if not more.  As one might imagine.  This is only an estimate.  Let's be honest.  Would you pay that amount for a common marigold.? So the british field struggled.  At the same time.  Our cousins across the lake really took advantage.  No there was no mercy.  It became a matter of.  Dog eat dog.  In time the sad situation grew even worse.  Imports from across the channel soon took a hold.  At the same time.  The british market place also changed.  Suddenly as if overnight.  Family run businesses seemed to take a nose dive.  In many instances it became like, the end of the world.  Sadly so many of our once so valid nurseries and growers, were forced to surcumb to the the europeans or, go under.  IMHO. as with so many other imports etc.  Britain is knackerd.  We have been forced into a corner.  No one else wants it.  Send it to the brits.  Sad to say. Many of ow finest horticultural nurseries have been forced to bow down.

12/06/2014 at 23:39


You don't need to convince Oh grew up in the Lea Valley wheni  t w  s at the height..........Tom,s Cues, Chrysanths etc   That no longer exists.................what we do now is raise nice juicy Strawbs to send out to the Middle East.

Everything is market driven these cannot get away from it.#

Sad but least I have my allotment..........and I do just pick and eat my salad leaves whether or not they have been attacked by slugs.......can't be ar**d to be too finicky

03/09/2014 at 17:08

I ordered 3 bulbs of a Pleione orchid collection from Vernon. Despite them saying that 'cultural instructions' would be included, this was absent.  I called them, to be told that a 'horticulturalist' would send me some info by email.  Lo and behold, the reply came from T & M, but the supplied info was virtually useless.  It had no info about Pleiones, and was just general information saying that Orchids like a well-drained compost.

When I searched on the internet I found a page specifically devoted to Pleiones, which gave me so much information about them.

03/09/2014 at 17:31

I ordered lily bulbs on a "special offer" via the Daily Telegraph:  delivery was delayed (and some!) and the actual bulbs were not what was ordered.  I planted them anyway, and overall, the results have been pretty OK (even if some didn't do anything - but it was very late to be planting them!)

I hadn't realised that the DT offer was actually for T & M products:  I have never had good results with seeds etc so wouldn't have bothered if I had known.

On the plus side:  the white lilies were planted in the centre of a large pot.  Around the edge I planted Acidanthera corms.  As the lilies finished flowering, the Acidanthera came into flower (and are still flowering) and it has been a lovely display of white flowers - one which I will repeat.  (btw the corms were from Poundland.  Good value.  Guess how much I paid for about 50 corms???)


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