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I am growing some Shirley toms and would appreciate your views on the merits or not of using Doff Tomato Feed which has seeweed and magnesium



I don't feed tomatoes until the first truss is set, but seaweed and magnesium sounds ok for toms.


I agree with fidget; don't feed them 'till 1st truss is set. and that feed sounds ok.

Steve 309

I grew Shirley last year; the plant outside (against a south-facing wall) did better than the one in the greenhouse.  Both were fed with Tomorite.  Additional seaweed and Mg sounds a good idea.

John Harding

Yup, doff is fine for toms but as has already been said, don't feed them at all until the first truss has set fruit or all you are likely to get is masses of foliage and very little tomatoes.



Doff has a decent NPK for toms. Fertilise sparingly even after the first fruit is set. Tom plants simply don't need to be stuffed with nutrients.


The 10 plants are about 9 inches tall in 9 inch wide pots

I feel I have 3 options

1...Plant out

2...Put outside in pots

3...Leave in my conservatory

? Any thoughts friends

Oh....wait..... its raining in Bristol............Me Babbers !!

NewBoy:  Inside in pots while the weather is cool, outside from the time the sun really starts to heat up  and protect at night if the forecast is cool or rainy (gardening fleece, old net curtains, etc.).  :Leaving them in pots means you can follow the sun around if necessary and frees up veg patch space for other luscious goodies.


I would leave them in the conservatory.

John Harding

Newboy2: now I'm jealous. I pricked out my toms today and they are only about an inch high and in small root trainers. 9" pots in late March seems well advanced but remember toms do not like to get cold. I'm in Mangotsfield, North East Bristol and it's too cold to contemplate putting tender plants out just yet and yes, it's raining here too!!!


Rain isn't a problem, NewBoy, temps are the consideration for planting outside either in the ground or in pots. You'd need at least high teens C daytime and not less than mid-teens overnight to be worthwhile.

Although my tomato harvest last year was v good, I'm holding off a bit longer before starting seeds indoors (probably till mid/late Apr). I started them about this time last year but the cold end to Spring meant I kept them inside longer than they'd have liked and they were somewhat light-starved - I've only got a small coldframe, no proper greenhouse/conservatory. Having said that, they recovered v well but thought I'd give this later approach a go...


I'll be sowing my outdoor toms mid to late April, they'll live on the kitchen and dining room windowsills until they're too big to fit there, then hopefully it'll be ok for them to go out into the two mini-greenhouses until they burst out of them, when they'll just have to go into big pots on the south-facing terrace. 

Yeah, pretty much identical to my 2014 plan dovefromabove!


Haven't sown any toms yet - probably next week. Same as Dove - windowsills till they go out into a plastic growhouse where they will stay. We get very few nights through the summer that have a high enough temperature even if it's warm enough through the day. Had a great crop last year -  I expect the lovely summer helped!

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