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Hi All

I'm new here and new to gardening so please be nice ....

Quick question ... have I left it too late to plant out my bulbs?

I know now is the time to plant Tulips but I haven't yet planted my Snowdrops and Daffodils and Fritilleries ... eeek .... Just read on the RHS website that they should be in by end Sept latest ...

Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks - Steph


I take the view that they wont survive out of the ground, so you may as well plant them. They may not flower this Spring but after that they should behave as usual.


Thanks both ... not so worried now.  Just gonna get stuck in this weekend. 


they'll be fine Steph. 



I second that Nut, my daughter bought some daffs in a sale and planted them in Jan last year, they flowered the same time as the others. No probs.


I've still got some to go in Steph. If they flower a bit late - so be it! I now have hedging to get in so most of the remaining ones may go in pots which can be slotted into borders in spring.


can i ask about planting tulips.. i have several bags to plant.. and as my garden is under construction at mo I am planting htem in 9cm pots one to each.. now this is great as i can then plant them in their pots where i want them when my borders are ready.. hopefully!!!..

but i want to ask.. when they are finished can i take them out and split the bulbs.. i have had deflicking info on this.. one said just keep the main bulb and the biggest one next to it, one said keep only the big one next to main bulb.. and throw away the others.

Which do i keep.. and pot on for next year.. the main bulb planted now, will it ever flower again..and is it ok to bury the pots in the ground then lift them after flowering is over.?


 got these to put in. half price .i have put daffs in january one year

Hello Gardeningfrantic, I plant tulips in pots every year but I've never planted them in small pots, am I right in thinking these are 4inch pots in old money. I may be wrong and am happy to be contradicted but I think that is way too small.  tulips need to be planted deeply, if you are merely starting them so they can produced roots that might be OK for a few weeks but you would need to plant them direct into the border ie not plant the little pot.  I'd suggest planting imay be 5 into a much larger pot then plunging that if you want to.

as for reusing the bulbs, it does depend on the variety obviously a bulb the size of a seedless grape is going to take a couple of years to grow up as it were. I do re grow larger bulbs but they aren't usually as good as fresh bulbs. 

gardenning granny

Hi Steph

there's already a thread about late planting of bulbs - suggest you check it out

basically - plant when  you like, and they seem to sort themselves out to suit the seasons in subsequent years.

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