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man in a shed

Hi all , I've got tom plants on a sunny windowsill they're 4" tall and looking good n healthy ..well they were , after recent temps they're looking a bit withered , shall I take them out of the sun ? I have kept them watered . thx


Sounds like you should get them somewhere a bit less stressful for them.
When it gets too hot the roots can't get water to the leaves quick enough so they wilt.
The sun is quite strong now so a little shade would help - e.g. the other side of a net curtain would help.

Kitty 2

Probably too much sun/heat as you say.  I moved all my small seedling plants outside to a semi-shaded area area yesterday (moved back inside in the evening).

Keep them damp but don't over water to compensate for overheating. Some shade on super hot days can prevent wilting, I prefer to give them fresh air outdoors.

Hopefully they will recover 

man in a shed

 I put them outside but too breezy . so moved to sill with no direct sun . thx for info

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