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Hi all, We bought my son a large trampoline last year and it has been a great buy. However, the grass has died directly under it and it is a pain to mow the other areas. I was thinking of sowing a wild flower area under it but am unsure as to whether the flowers would prosper due to the lack of light. We have heavy clay soil and live in Scotland - so warm sunshine is not frequent Has anyone any advice as to how to make this area prettier? I don't know if a gravel garden underneath with alpines would work? Thanks in advance.

What a good idea! Half my small garden is given over to the kids trampoline  and i just assumed I had to put up with a dead grass patch underneath...

Watching with interest to see if there are any options 

As I see it-nothing is going to grow under there -poor light-not going to get rained on-just a compete waste of  money and effort I would have thought

Love to be proved wrong-would suggest a layer of bark or something similar?


We had the same problem (when we had a trampoline - took it out last year).  The only thing that grew under it were ferns, which had self-seeded.  There may not be enough light in the middle for anything to grow but I bet there are shade loving plants that would grow happily around the edge.

I love trampolines. Get carried away. Photo of me trying to bounce Imto the sky...amazing I didnt fall off. The bottom part weight and exertions......kept rubbing the ground so no plants anyway.
I wouldn't bother to plant anything there.....just enjoy the trampoline and plant the area up when it's finally removed



Only been on a trampoline once - dislocated my knee  - most painful thing I've ever experienced, including childbirth - still having problems with it 9 years later - never again 


Can't remember who's garden it was, but i once saw on a TV gardening show someone had sunken the trampoline into the garden so it was at grass level. I'd imagine it's alot of work though!


It is full sun under a trampoline...not good for Alpines. I suppose waiting to see what self seeds under it might be an option. I would not spend any money on plants specifically for it - dead zone comes to mind.

why don't manufactureres make them of see through material..answer solved!!

Chrissy in Cornwall
We Cornish have all the answers

Brumball what a great idea


i have a 10 foot trampoline with the same problem. i have daffodils,snowdrops, crocus, fritalaria, anemones, ferns, iris reticulata, primrose, lantern rose and other bits and bobs planted underneath. i leave the main metal structure in place and take off the black cover in autumn. i only put it back around Apr/May by which time most of the flowers would have gone over. Some of the bulbs have been in there for years but a few have been added to turn it into a sort of woodland area. i would try and take some photos morrow.

Hmmm thanks all. I have astro turf under the swings as the soil is so heavy and clay - turns to sludge with kids feet I also have it as a carpet in a living bamboo wig wam I have fashioned for the kids. Really do not want to astro turf the lot. Yes I would love to have sunk the trampoline ( thinking I could make the area a pond later) but too costly! I shall try to plant it up and see what happens - I wouldn't buy anything lol - just experiment with what I have and can propogate/swap etc etc. Will let you know how it goes. Franco - pics would be fab thanks



my attempt at turning the dead area under my trampoline into a woodland area.







Well done Franco that's a right good idea.

That looks good. Amatuer Gardening suggested just laying bark but I am going to go with my instinct and try some wild flowers - see what works with trial and error

true. you just never know what will work until you have tried it. what i have done with mine is just move plants around fom the garden. i have sections of the garden which are invaded with crocus, forget me nots and muscari. all these are dug up and go in the  trampoline area, so in actual fact, it's recycling and it does not cost a penny only a few aches and pains. lol

If it doesn't work i have not lost anything really.