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Can anyone identify this plant. When the shoots appear, they're purple, but then it grows into this green plant with spiny leaves. I think they were planted in the spring, but can't remember what they were. There are no signs of flowers, but I wouldn't have bought something I didn't expect to flower, so will it flower eventually? The leaves are quite soft and limp, with many of the larger ones buckling under their own weight.



They look bulb like don't they. Where are the spines?

They look a bit like eucomis leaves

I think the edges are spiny, strange, i dont know

Yes, I'm pretty sure they were bulbs I planted, but I don't remember what they were.

These two have been growing for many months now, but there's no sign of any flowers, just leaves. Whatever they are, I'm sure I bought them expecting to get flowers.

I've just googled Eucomis and some photos to look very similar. They also seem to flower later in the year, so these may well be what I have, and I still have something to look forward to!


Victoria Sponge

I'm growing eucomis for the first time Tomsk, and one of mine has just got a tiny green thing appearing in the centre so maybe they are a late flowerer like you say.

I'm assuming it is a flower anyway 

There are various Eucomis.  I have 4 different and none have such long leaves or could be described as "spiny".  They can be summer or autumn flowering (tho given the weather pattern these days, that could well stretch a good bit either way ).Some of mine are flowering now and the others I expect a little later.


Tomsk, what is spiny here?

Sorry, dozed off!
I wonder if this plant dosent usually have spines, it could just be wonky! The leaves could belong to agapanthus or bluebells- that sort of thing.
From what ive read eucomis can be "difficult", some things just wont flower in the first year, id give them another summer and see what happens

This is really bugging me, i know i know this plant but my brain wont tell me! Grrr

Not allium???

Hmm, to me the leaves don't look like they have spines but have may have been chewed.   Given the description and look they do seem similar to Tuberose.   From 5 'bulbs' I have only one with a flowerhead. Leaves are floppy but the stems, if you can get them to emerge, are pretty stiff.   


May be way off the mark though.


Sorry, I think spiny was the wrong word to use. When they turn green, they look a bit like the tops of pineapples.

But there's no sign of any stem growing from the centre, just leaves with a hole in the middle where one (presumably) should be. I haven't been able to take a good picture of them, but here's a couple more. This plant has one missing leaf (compared to the other one) and one stubby one that hasn't grown like the others for some reason. You can also see another shoot to the right that appeared much later than the others, and this is still purple but starting to turn green:



My money would be on eucomis then like Nut said

With those new photos and description, I think I too would tend to go for a Eucomis of some sort

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