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This plant/tree/shrub has recently appeared in my mother's garden, and it's growing at quite a pace.

Can any of you extremely knowledgeable individuals become a hero and identify this specimen for me?

Many thanks,



It looks like a baby ash tree, Daniel.  


If the tops growing at a pace then so will the root be..... dig or pull out when small unless you want it to grwo there. 


Thanks to you both!


Could it be an elder?  

I waged war on elders when I moved here.  They're a bloody nuisance because they're always embedded in the roots of other stuff (or is that just when they've been allowed to set seed in an established bed?) and they vigorously send out seedlings as far as I can see (I took over a neglected garden so this view may be skewed).

In any case, if it's Tree Elder, pull it out, it'll grow huge (6m) and seed everywhere (in my experience).  Unless you plan to make Elderberry wine from the berries or Elderberry Champagne from the flowers.  You can get both of these from the hedgerow!

If Elder, it's not to be confused with Sambucus Nigra species like Black Lace or Sambucus racemosa Plumosa Aurea which is the decorative golden one (very slow growing I've found).

Hope this is helpful.



Looks like ash. Even small ones can be difficult to remove, so it's better to get it out now if you can!


Yes, Common Ash ............ pull it out .................. our garden would be a forest if we didn't keep our eyes open for these every year.  

Yes it's a ash tree, usually there's one near by or it's a seedling.

Definitely a common Rowan tree, they get loads of baby shoots and grows everywhere even if you cut it to the base the thing re-roots. It does bear red berries and white blossoms, we have a row of them at the back of our houses where there's a right of way walk way and the mountain, slowly we are removing them because they are taking over. Dig the roots out while its young.

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Looks like an ash seedling to me too. 

Best to get it out now - which may be more difficult than it sounds if the root is going under the fence... Will be almost impossible if it gets much bigger.



Thanks a million, and you'll all be delighted to hear that the seedling has now been removed (and it's true - the root was tough to get out!!).


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