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I bought anemone wild swan, astrantia jumble hole and some brand new echinaceas this year. All are floweriing their little socks off. I recommend them all. Today, it is 20 o here, total blue sky and warm sunshine. No wonder the plants are happy.

Oh good-,right,super,smashing-erm-don't know what else to say


Oh I know -do you make tea from your echinacea?

How long more would the anemone  and the echinaceceas continue to flower from this time onwards?

I wanted to get some as well (since 2 months ago) as I thought they will finish flowering soon,I decided to put them on my next year list instead.



Kitty, the anemone has been flowering for month and prob for good while yet. It apparently flowers from may onwards but it's new plant. Jumble hole about the same I think. With echinaceas I cut back mid spring to prevent flowering ..I think this helps more flowers, sturdier stems and longer flowering. I recently bought more tili torch, cut back, and planted for next year. This is one of the very best orange flowers. Graemegarden, of the goodies no doubt? ...Yep I make echinacea tea, and from my camellia, and from my lemon plant too. Sorry, today's sunshine, no doubt over most of the country, has got me over-excited

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