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Bunny ...
Thought I'd read that as Verdun there .....
Bunny, that's what I thought. What had I done wrong now I wondered?
Yes I have used this nursery. They supply very small plants but they are good. Pelargoniums grow so fast now that plants supplied are soon beefy. I bought mainly for the scented ones.
Their service? Excellent. I had the odd dud plant but it was replaced immediately without any fuss.
Just one issue.....Vernons also supply hardy outdoor geraniums as bare root plants and I don't like this. They often take long time to grow n flower so I prefer to buy potted plants.

I 've had a catalogue as well and was wondering if they were worth a go or not so thanks verdun and nutcutlet 

Got my copy,of vernons today....the yellow geranium looks nice. Anyone know if it's a true yellow?


I had problems with vernons last year when the Amethyst trailing geraniums I ordered turned out to be bright pink and striped! I complained and was sent another batch which also had 2 plants of the wrong colour. They are being replaced in the Spring for me. I also bought a collection of 4 Dianthus which were named varieties and a little bit on the expensive side and after a few days one of the plants died .when I phoned to tell them I was told the variety wasn't in stock any more and would I like to choose something else so I chose a Josephine clematis which when it flowered wasn't - it is also being replaced in the Spring. All complaints have been dealt with promptly with no quibbles and the plants supplied have been of good quality so I think on balance they are a good company to buy from
Pam LL x

As an update, you are not dealing with Vernons but Thompson and Morgan who run their front end. I had problems with my Geranium order, sent out far too early as seedlings not plug plants and had a devil of a job contaacting anybody from Vernons!


Neither the Vernon literature or T&M make the actual situation clear which is very disarpointing! The service I received from T&M when I complained was dreadful!


Be warned.

Right, didn't know that. Thompson n Morgan getting everywhere. Vernons used to boast a family run business.

Brumbull, don't you know, our "Vernun"(the one with that lovely garden) owns it!

Now you know.When I discover where he lives, I'll take you there with me.


Lucky you Brumbull, so you must have all that sunshine that he has! But it's OK, it's coming down our way........soon I hope!

Is that right Brum? You mean there's a female equivalent,of,you? And that near to me?
Scaaaaaaaaaaaaary! Ha ha

Steady on Brumbull, don't give him grand ideas, calling him Sir: he'll be incorrigible (I know he has a beautiful garden)

Jatnikapyar, "sir" is fine thank you.
I shall look up incor....inkorr....incorrij....that word. (ha ha)

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