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Gardening Grandma

Would I be right in thinking that violas came before pansies and are the more traditional plant? (Ignorance showing!) I think that pansies are just large-flowered cultivars of violas, are they not? I love them both but there is nothing to beat the delicacy of violas. In defence of pansies, they have flowered for months in pots in my garden, too, and add a desperately needed splash of colour and life in winter.


I much prefer violas because of their daintyness. Pansies are "a bit in your face" for me 

I go for Violas usually but the colour mix of Pansies is much more varied. I like and sometimes grow both.


I love violas too, I planted winter viola bedding plants in baskets and tubs in October and they are still flowering, despite being covered in 4 inches of snow at one point!   In  the past couple of weeks they have really gone crazy and look beautiful!  I have never bothered with winter bedding plants before so wasn't expecting much, and have been amazed at how strong willed violas are.  Does anyone know how much longer they will flower for?  

When violas are,going over I cut them,hard back, tickle a little,fertiliser ( violas like a little tickle) around them, water and wait for them to flower again. They do so in a couple weeks or so.



Violas. did ask....!!

Especially the really black ones.

Tickling violas now are you Verd. Are you still on your medication love?.....

Interesting, we grow many different Violas and Pansies and have done for over twenty years.You will not see these anywhere else they are our own strain and go into the hundreds of different strains our website is the site only shows a tiny amount of our plants and does need updating but we would be only too happy to email pics of different violas and pansies that I can guarantee you will never know existed.Must admit to answer the question its Violas for me,

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