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Could you let me know the name of this weed / plant.  It is everywhere round here.  I have a woody area at the end of the garden and it is taking over.  It is starting to smother the bluebells, primroses etc.  

I spent half an hour digging them out and have left a few for the wildlife.  How far should I go with taking them out, I've been clearing them out of the garden and happy to have some in the woodland, but it seems if you give them an inch...

 Is this second image, the same plant, it doesn't seem to have spots on the leaves.

 Also in this final image, can anyone identify the frilly looking leaves.  The long narrow leaves are bluebells, just don't know what the other one is. 

Thank you for your help as ever. 

 oops forgot to put on the last image.

flowering rose

at a guess ,borage ,with the little blue flowers .


I don't think it's borage, they generally have fairly large flowers, I'll go for alkanet (Pentaglottis) too I think

Whoops our comments crossed 

Mark 499

Alkanet is a member of the borage family

whoops, I thought rose meant borago officinalis, my bad 

Alkanet, that's it, thank you.  Assume i am right just to keep digging it out. 

Any ideas on the frilly leaf on the 3rd photo ?


I think it's one of the geraniums. It's name will come to me  (maybe)

Looks like a possible.  Will keep an eye on it and see what happens when it flowers. thank you nutcutlet

Is the third one the plant with the very cut leaf? if so I think it may be an aconite.

I think no 3 is a cranesbill, you could try looking up meadow cranesbill?

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