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If I throw a coin in there can I wish for spring?


Can anyone advise me on moving my Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum Japonicum) I've had it in a fairly small decorative glazed pot for six or seven years and in that time it's grown to about  nine feet tall.It's been fine where it was but now i need to move it and of course the roots have grown out of the pot and anchored it into the soil around.

I obviuosly can't get it out of the pot so i'm wondering,if i cut the root and just move it is it likely to die or the alternative is to uproot the whole thing and replant it pot and all.

I've read that they grow up to 40 feet in America and 100 feet in their native Japan.Anyone have one here in the UK and can tell me their expected height?I've only a smallish garden.



Hi,  Is there anyone who knows where I can purchase a RIBES SANGUINEUM 'ALBESCENS'. Cannot seem to find a nursery anywhere tht has one.  Has anyone tried to grow one?


Thank you very much nutcutlet,  it is white with a touch of rose pink bit like the colour of apple blossom.   I will check Plantfinder again otherwise will indeed get a White Icicle.


Bel, I want one now.

Can anyone identify this plant for me? It was discovered in an old tub. The leaves are dark green and purple mottled, the stems furry with the yellow flowers reaching about a foot above the pot. Thanks.

(Ignore the Feverfew in the background trying to get in on the act.)

'Hi everyone, I have a new garden I am slowly filling up and wonder if anyone can think of medium size shrubs to plant facing North East or East in clay soil!!  HELP

Incidentally Nutcutlet I found a Ribes but did get 'Icicle' in the end as I could not find an 'Albescens'.  Looks just a pretty. Thank you.

Thanks for the link , Nutcutlet.


Hi, everything I have read suggests that Coleus is an easy grow from seed. I am having zero luck in getting them past first germination stage. I suspect I drowned the first batch but the latest are just sitting there doing nowt! Any advice please?

What is this plant please? The leaves are almost blue and look rather waxy.

Spotted last weekend in a secret paradise in West Kent. 




................The purple flower could be on a different plant of course.

It probably is as the leaves there are definitely green!



The bluish leaves look like a cerinthe major purpurascens.Bit floppy, should be more upright. The  blue purple flowers I think belong to the green leaves, and looks like a hardy geranium.

Thanks very much fidgetbones. It looked like it was from the moon!


Hi there, I am looking for some advice about which plants would be best to put in a planter either side of my front door, which are low maintenance.  I have been considering box? but really don't like the smell does anyone have any other suggestions?


Thuja occidentalis "Rheingold"   slow growing  golden leaves conifer.

I have this plant growng in my garden but do nit know what it is. Can anyone help me identify it please?






Hi Pat. Can you start a new thread and post a photo using the tree icon in the tool bar?

Sorry, will do.