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This plant was from a cottage garden  mix.

Broad rounded rough leaves  .big  ,rough texture. Thick single stem.

Type flowers similar to a salvia but big . Loose  and situated. They started off as like a cone in lilac ish


. Will try and get a photo  .just thought I'd ask in case anyone had any ideas 

They remind me of a very big salvia somehow.

Hi, it isn't a forgive but I'm checking out fidget bones suggestion. Could you tell me how ,after I have my photo in pictures do I get in on here please?




It is much bigger than salvia   p  r a t e n s e , quite a few more  photos  came up after I googled  in tall salvia s .

It looks more like  salvia     d I v o r u m   (  might not have the correct spelling ) but will try and get  a photo on here.


If you're on a PC/laptop click on the tree 2nd from right in the tool bar and work from there. Don't try for more than about 1000 ?pixels. They take forever to load and some won't. It's not quick and doesn't work from phones I'm told

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