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hi guys,

           Sorry to ask you all again for plant id's but you are all soooo good at it 

The first & second one is a small evergreen tree with tiny yellow flowers in spring & the third & fourth is a perennial with almost cabbagey type feel leaves (if that makes sence!!)

also if anyone knows what the weed is underneath the tree I would be really grateful as it grows all round here & can never find what it is!! it doesn't flower just loads of heart shaped leaves that spread everywhere with really deep roots! 

Thanks for reading & hope you can help  







The second one looks like one of the plume poppies, Macleaya cordata or microphylla.

The first one i can't really see properly. Can you do some more pics (unless someone else can ID it). The whole tree, the flowers and leaves, in focus would help

And the weed

I hoped you'd be along soon!! thanks nutcutlet, yes I think you are right about the poppy, I know the picture isn't great it's taken on my phone I will see if I can get another better one when I go tomorrow, it's about 6 ft & lolly pop shaped. & I will get a proper one of just the weed!!

Thanks again 


see you tomorrow then Tc 

thank you, wish you could be an app for my phone!! 



The first looks like a tiny mahonia of some sort and will grow to be a decent evergreen shrub whose leaves go red or bronze for winter.  The flowers should lead to ddep blue berries.

The second is plume poppy, a hardy perennial that can become a thug if you let it spread but is easily controlled..

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