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Anyone know what these are?? They were sold to us as gooseberries but they aren't! The fruit is about the size & weight of an apple

Any help would be great!


Stacey Docherty

I think they may be tomatillo yum yum in salsa etc..... I have just cross checked by googling tomatillo images and they certainly look the same fruit

Stacey Docherty

 Are these them? They are tomatillos but yours don't have a skin/ paper film on them!

Lion S

They look very much like Solanum muricatum, also called Melon pear or Pepino. Never tasted them myself, but I'm told they are very nice.

These are not ripe yet, so please, don't eat them when green. They are ripe when they are cream coloured with purple stripes. Here's a link, but Google will also come up with more info.


Flowerchild is right, but it would be interesting to know who sold them to you as gooseberries!


Thank you!! I think they are Melon Pear as the skin is starting to get the browny lines on them, the same as your link

It was Lidl who sold it as a gooseberry!!

Thanks again - its been worrying us for weeks!!


Perhaps they meant Cape Gooseberry but left out the Cape.

Wo, that's what I thought at first ... but they are not Cape Gooseberries ... so they would still be mis-labelled.

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