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 Looking for help identifying this plant that I saved when I was digging up my garden please?  It is currently only fairly small and groing outwards quite a bit, to me it seems a bit like ivy?

Any help would be great thanks!


Hello Davie, I think your plant is a Blackeyed Susie, Thunbergia, generally a climbing plant with orange or yellow flowers with a black eye. It is tender and will only last the summer. I absolutely love these plants and have often grown them in the past.


Davie, the photo is not detailed enough for me to tell what it is.  Don't sneer at my answer.  You don't know what it is either!  You have to help us to help you.


Hi welshonion, you could have maybe asked me for a better photo then rather than leave such a vague answer then. If you could tell me what you want me to photograph then i will do so!

daydaisy. Thanks very much for the help, the first flowers are coming through and they look to be orange, i just looked up the thunbergia and it looks very nice, i will keep it growing and hopefully it will be very pretty!

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