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 Please can someone tell me what the plant is and what i am doing wrong as it has started to lose leaves. It gets watered when the soil is dry to touch and is about a metre away from the radiator i have also turned it round so the plant does not grow towards the window as it has been doing.

I do have someone come in and let the dog out and i think she may have been watering the plants without me knowing but not sure.

Help please and thanks.

How often do i water catus plants?


I don't know the proper name, but it looks like what we used to call an umbrella plant. 

Thanks i thought thats what it is but wasnt sure the EX looked after the plants but it is just me and learning what to do.

You could give it some support by way of a cane and it looks like it may fare better in the next size up pot although now isn't the best time to re-pot, wait till spring. I'd also advise moving it away from the radiator into an area of the room which gets more direct light, so long as it isn't in a draft ie by the door it should be fine. 

I had one which grew to about 6ft, shame you've lost the bottom leaves but an added bonus...your plant has started to produce side shoots.

It's difficult to say how often to water cactus plants, another poster may give more helpful advise...mine get a water 2 or 3 times a year but it's a good soak and they are stood in water for the day. It's usually when I can remember, they get a good feed at the same time. 


Oakley Witch
I had one years ago. The truck was 3 plants woven together. Mine died but I discovered my tom had a 'love' for it rather than his litter tray

Zoomer, it isn't a cactus and it needs regular watering.

Thank you all

Busy-Lizzie. I know it isn't a cactus but two Q's were asked. Pash2 also asked...

How often do i water cactus plants?

Pash2 could have cactus as well as the umbrella plant...  


Sorry Zoomer, got so excited at seeing a plant I know I didn't see the cactus bit!

B.L.Must say I found it nice to see a plant I knew

Pash2. An umberella plant does need regular watering during the summer, but now, it's sufficient just to keep the compost damp, it's unlikely to dry out as the plant will be dormant so won't need watering again until the Spring.


I just water it once a week or when the compost is dry as i do with all the plants with the exception of the catus plants i have, one of which is about a foot and half tall now.

BUT why is my unberella loosing its leaves?


In the site I sent you it says that they loose their leaves when they are cold and underwatered. But they mustn't be watered too much either or the leaves go yellow and fall off. Another thing is that they need a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. The leaves drop off when they are in too dark a place. They can get insect troubles, such as red spider mite. I had one that got scale insect, tiny brown scales on the undersides of the leaves. They suck the sap and the leaves drop off. It's not easy to get rid of.

Thanks for that, sorry not had time and forgot to read the link.


flowering rose

looks like a umbrella plant in need of some t.l.c,

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